As this is a new system, it will be a learning curve for all of us.  Thanks so much for your patience.  I am still working at uploading all of the pricing and packages to the site, but wanted to get your images to you just as soon as I could.

Once you are in your gallery, it will open up with a grid view of thumbnail images.  You can click on the ‘view’ button and open these all as a slide show (large size) to view all of them.  When viewing in medium size or small, you can add the image to your favourites.  You will be directed to sign in, which will allow you to go through and work on your images at a later time, and it will save your favourites for you.   This is a great new feature they have added.  When you go back to the grid view, it gives you a quick visual of your favourite images.

Once I have all of the prints and products uploaded, you will be able to click ‘buy’ and it will give you options for the image and will allow you to add it to your cart.  You are also more than welcome to go through your images, add to favourites and sit down with me and we can put your order together.  This can be really helpful, and I am more than happy to come by to do this with you (or you’re welcome to come here as well.)

Thank you again so much for your patience.  Enjoy your images, and please call me (250-337-0015) anytime if you have any questions at all.